What are the advantages of our services?

Today, many companies are involved in the supply of construction services with more or less resources such as qualification, material-technological base, engineering staff, etc.

We have all of the above resources. In addition, the construction companies number which has its own engineering division with its engineering services, is small. The number of qualified companies that work in the field of metal constructions: Designing / executing land works, reinforced concrete works Many high-level and low-level engineers or companies have learned more or less, but the metal constructions require much more knowledge, engineering intelligence and experience. There can be listed about 4 or 5 companies (groups) in Georgia which are  experienced in a qualified projecting  of the metal structures. We are among them. A bit more is number of companies – about 8-10, which and, we are among them also, which are skilled in production and installation of the metal structures But, another case is to do both projecting and production-installation .Probably only 3 companies can be listed, including our company. Only such companies can in the process of construction make urgent and immediate changes in the design or other documentation or in the construction process itself, without  the need to suspend the work.  There were numerous such cases in the history of our company and, most of our clients assess correctly this our  advantage

So, when speaking  about advantages  we think that the above arguments are not groundless. Judgment is for you!