Metal constructions

We produce steel structures of any complexity, starting with the reservoirs for oil products and pipelines and ended by large and small-size warehouse facilities, bearing structures and their separate elements.

In 2021 our company was the first to manufacture locally in Georgia reservoir of 5000 m3 capacity using sheet-by-sheet method, install and paint for JS Black Sea Terminals (SOCAR) in Kulevi.

As a rule, our structural designers/engineering staff develops detailed shop drawing design documentation of structures based on the project requirement documents provided by clients and afterwards starts manufacturing process.

We can produce both – flat and spatial type structures. We would drive your attention to the bearing structures of the 50 m length beams and spatial trusses manufactured for Zestafoni’s new agricultural market that we designed, produced and installed and which are unique in Georgia by their geometric shapes and sizes.

In design and production of steel structures we are following European, American standards, as well as with Russian GOST as per requests from our clients.

We provide anti-corrosion protection with various advanced methods determined by clients. For instance, by order of the company LUDWIG PFEIFFER HOCH UND TIENBAU GmbH, we have provided anti-corrosion protection of the ready-made structures with 320 micron four-layer   epoxide coating on the zinc base, which ensures their anti-corrosion and anti-fire protection for 50 years period. Considering clients’ requirements structures, before covering with the anti-corrosion are treated with the “Sand Blasting” method according to European standards specified in project documentation, that ensures a reliability of such coating

Structures produced by us are undergoing the quality assurance and finished product quality control tests (QA / QC) in the process of production that increases their reliability and ensures their compliance with standards.

Our company owns several patents for designing and manufacturing of big-beam coverings, retina membranes, dome structures and Pre-tense frame structures. For some details on typical structures follow this link.