completed projects

(2013 – 2018)

  1. Construction Works of Sports Hall in Akhaltsikhe (7’000 m2)
  2. Turn-key Trading Mall in Zestaphoni, with infrastructure and access roads (total area of buildings 16’350 m2)
  3. Cold Storage Infrastructure in Poti for American Monolith Ltd (total floor area of buildings 11’300 m2), with container yard, access roads, railway branch (length 1’765 m) and 2 bridges.
  4. Slaughterhouse in Natakhtari and infrastructure (total floor area of buildings around 10’000 m2)
  5. Diesel Oil and Gas Terminal with reservoirs Petroleum in Tbilisi.
  6. Warehouse Building for SIDO Ltd. In Tbilisi. (1’500 m2)
  7. Turn-key Reconstruction of Plant N1 for IDS Borjomi and Construction of New Building (total floor area 3’500 m2 + 5’400 m2 respectively) with office.
  8. Zestaphoni Silicomanganese Refinery Plant “METALLINE” new Technological Infrastructure Construction and Installation (3’000 m2).
  9. Borjomi Ltd. – Construction of Main Production Building (6’000 m2)
  10. Total Reconstruction of ARCO LTD’s Cold Storage Building in Tbilisi (8’640 m2)
  11. Turn-key Construction Works of trade mark SUBWAY’s new building in Tbilisi adjacent to National Sports Hall.
  12. Reconstruction & Renovation Works of trade mark SUBWAY’s new building in Tbilisi on Pushkin st.
  13. Diplomat Georgia’s New Distribution Hub Construction Works (6’800 m2)
  14. SAKARTVELO cinema building reconstruction (2’000 m2)
  15. Construction of Mechanization Infrastructure of AMTSE Ltd.
  16. JSC Ekometals’ polymer recycling plant design and “turnkey” construction job in Zestaphoni city
  17. New Village Fisheries Ltd Salmon breeding/processing infrastructure “turnkey” construction job.
  18. High Voltage Line and Transformer Station Construction Works.
  19. Infrastructural project of Water Supply System in Khobi Region of Georgia – construction job.
  20. Georgian Aviation Plant N31 construction job of new steel structures
  21. Installation Works of Silo for crops in Abasha.
  22. Akhalubani mineral water bottler plant construction.
  23. Foundation reinforcement works for “London House Building” in Tbilisi.
  24. Turn-key Construction Works of Warehouse Building of Akhali Nateba Ltd. In Tbilisi.
  25. IDS Borjomi’s Water Treatment Plant Reconstruction design and “Turnkey” construction works.
  26. Qartuli Soko Ltd manufacturing plant and infrastructure Turn Key Construction works.
  27. Construction/installation works of reservoirs for crude oil for Black Sea Terminals LLC (SOCAR) in Kulevi.
  28. Turn-key Construction Works of Rachuli Lori Manufacturing Plant and Infrastructure.
  29. Turn-key Construction Works of Itsis Tskali Water plant.
  30. Turn-key Construction Works of Dasta Records Management Office and Warehouse buildings & Infrastructure.
  31. Turn-Key Construction Works of Diplomat Georgia Ltd warehouse in Samtredia.
  32. 4.7 km Water Drainage & Sewing System Rehabilitation on Tsurtsumia and Zurabishvili st, Tbilisi.
  33. Construction Works of Water Treatment Plant of Mestia region, Georgia for PFEIFFER und Kokh GMbH.
  34. Construction Works of Sports Halls for BEHLEN INDUSTRIES LP in cities: Batumi, Telavi & Gori, Georgia.
  35. Reconstruction Works of ROMPETROL GEORGIA’s Oil Products Terminal in Tbilisi, Georgia.
  36. Construction works for office buildings for ASTALDI SRL in Khashuri, Georgia.
  37. Construction works for office buildings for SINOHYDRO Ltd (China) in Khashuri, Georgia.
  38. Construction Works of Diagnostic & Testing Center in Tbilisi for Test Service Ltd.
  39. IDS Borjomi’s Plant N1 Main Block’s Rail Dock and Warehouse full reconstruction works.
  40. JSC Georgian Mineral Waters Plant N2 Water Bottling Main Block and Warehouse Block Full Reconstruction Design Documentation.