Company Visions and Strategy

Since 2009 our ZMK Ltd. has been represented as a qualified and reliable partner on construction market of Georgia as evidenced by the Letters of References and reviews by our clients.

Company focuses not only on approaches to our customers, suppliers, intermediaries etc. but also on working conditions and environment that we provide for our engineering/technical staff and laborers. We deeply believe that Professional skills and working environment security are milestones for of success. One can not be successful even if only one of your employees is dissatisfied with you as his employer, and so, based on this we pay a lot of attention to conditions (working or living) in which our workers carry out their activities on work sites geography of which can be any region throughout Georgia. Taking into consideration all this, we think that in our company we were able to create a sense of “Teamwork”, where in our opinion each member regardless of his position in company feels as a significant part of the whole body.

Despite of unfavorable economic situation in Georgia, our company’s rating and the image amongst our former or current customers, the goodwill and loyalty of the employees of the Company still enable us to successfully accomplish our activities – provide such a service that former client no longer seeks the other contractor and the new one is getting a positive outlook.

Economic situation in the country leads to the fact that each of our staff members is focused on finding new opportunities in the construction industry. It is hard for us to predict the future, but it is clear for us that our activities in one or two areas, even successful, is not enough in a small country like Georgia, whose market (construction or other markets) is unstable, is constantly searching for novelty. Because of this we took decision to provide not only services related to construction, but services as suppliers of various types of materials. Gorvani Manufacturing and Sales Base that we are developing right at present will contribute to this goal of ours to our belief and customers’ satisfaction. Together with steel structures manufacturing on named base I cooperation with investors from India company is planning to launch steel and other construction materials sales hub, where daily customer service will provide them with full comfort and market tariffs -very competitive prices and excellent service that many locations where such materials are sold are lacking nowadays – we ourselves, as buyers of materials on local market, have experienced low quality service from local sales entities in loading-unloading processes, other issues. In principle we have decided to create our customers with full comfort from the moment of ordering materials to the moment of delivery to their sites.

Time – this is the most important thing we pay attention to, TIME that our customer will save dealing with us and plus comfort of course. This applies to all areas of our work and we care to reduce time spent on the main areas of activity, as well as the additional services that we are offering.

Taking into consideration ongoing processes in the country, company took over the supply of inert materials, which resulted in purchase of 6 quarries in different districts of Samegrelo region of Georgia and corresponding processing equipment/machinery.

The company is searching for new opportunities not only on the Georgian market. Active marketing of anti-corrosive and anti-aging solutions that we produce today is already penetrated into the international market – we got couple of Turkish customers and hope to get more as far international customers obviously liked our products.  So, to get prepared to bigger export deals we have started certification processes of materials with authorized structures in US and Israel. We believe that the product will find its niche in large market where the construction and safety norms strictly require corresponding proper treatment of surfaces.