Company Management

Our company carries out activities through qualified engineers and technical staff most of which have 10 to 30 years of experience in the field of construction.

Occupation Name, Surname Experience in construction field
  • Director
George Asatiani 30 years
  • Chief engineer
Nugzar Svianadze 27 years
  • Chief engineer of production
 Goderdzi Guntsadze 38 years
  • Head of Technical Division
Vazha Gongadze 38 years
  • Head of Mechanization Department
Giorgi Buligin 26 years
  • Chief Manager (Procurement and Sales)
Giorgi Chikvaidze 11 years
  • Chief Accountant
Eka Stepania 8 years
  • Financial Manager
  • Office Manager
Manana Obgadze
  • IT Manager
Konstantine Abashidze