Company history

Our company was established and passed the State Registration on December 30th 2009, in Tbilisi as a construction contractor and steel structures manufacturing entity. Founder of the company is George Asatiani, a Structural Engineer with 30 years of experience in civil engineering and construction management.

Company initially started operations as subcontractor for construction works (mainly reinforced concrete and metal construction works).

Correctly selected engineering staff and qualified permanent workforce allowed the company to expand stage by stage its service range – add the refurbishment works line, electrical installations, thermal insulation and sanitary/sewage works profiles and for a short period of time to become the contractor of such works for large facilities.

Starting from 2010, organizing the production base in Orkhevi allowed us to launch production of those metal structures, which later are being installed by ourselves.

Company has developed labor safety, manufacturing and technical departments and quality control groups comprising experienced engineering and former or experienced project-expert staffs. These staffs ensure that our services are in total compliance with existing standards, many of existing entities are lacking. Units of diagnostic and exploration-research equipment have been acquired and the expert group is set up on the basis of the qualified engineer-expert staff that allowed us to offer our clients different types of expertise and research services.

In 2012, with the group of Georgian chemists company launched its own production of anti-corrosion and fire retardant solutions based on patented technology. So far, our anticorrosion materials have already reached a good sales market in Georgia and several customers in nearby Turkey. Inadequate requirements for fire prevention norms in our country are not yet able to provide satisfactory realization of our fire safety solutions, although we hope that this is a future prospect.

From 2016 we started to produce container and modular type temporary buildings by our  own projects, and import-export of the  similar products. In this field we already have taken one of the leading positions on the local market.

Together with growth of the company, the infrastructure has also increased: company acquired territory in Gorovani village where currently our company’s manufacturing plant and sales base is under construction. Additionally, different kinds of machinery like excavators, cranes, high boom lifts, trucks and  other transport vehicles have been purchased, which led to the creation of the mechanization group  and the ability to offer land works and transportation services to the clients.