ZMK LTD About Company

Our company was established and passed the State Registration on December 30th 2009, in Tbilisi as a construction contractor and steel structures manufacturing entity. Founder of the company is George Asatiani, a Structural Engineer with 30 years of experience in civil engineering and construction management.

Company initially started operations as subcontractor for construction works (mainly reinforced concrete and metal construction works).

Correctly selected engineering staff and qualified permanent workforce allowed the company to expand stage by stage its service range – add the refurbishment works line, electrical installations, thermal insulation and sanitary/sewage works profiles and for a short period of time to become the contractor of such works for large facilities.

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Why should you make a choice in favor of our company?

Currently the country’s legislative base, which regulates construction sphere, contains a lot of larvae. There is no need for construction, design, expertise and other license, proof of qualification, etc. As a result, the number of suppliers of construction services has
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What are the advantages of our services?

Today, many companies are involved in the supply of construction services with more or less resources such as qualification, material-technological base, engineering staff, etc. We have all of the above resources. In addition, the construction companies number which has its
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